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A bold intense Pinot, this is a wine that can stand up to a hearty meal. We recommend letting this wine breathe before serving.


2020 Barrel Select Pinot Noir

As a vintage ages in french oak, each barrel develops uniquely and imparts its own qualities on the maturing wine. That’s why our founder, David Teppola, developed our barrel-select process many years ago, a method we follow to this day. When it came time to bottle this 2020 Pinot Noir, our winemaker evaluated each barrel, and then blended only the best in a way that highlights the finest qualities of the vintage. Our 2020 barrel select represents the intensity and dynamic growing conditions of 2020.

Vintage Information:

After already difficult year to overcome the many challenges that COVID-19 presented the winery, we dealt with the worst wildfire season on record in Oregon. The 2020 vintage was already a small vintage with yields well-below average with tight, small clusters. The daytime temperatures during the growing season were hot and we were anticipating a highly concentrated and bold vintage. What we didn’t expect were wildfires and smoke to delay and make for an evermore difficult harvest. All whites and sparkling wines were harvested before our air conditions became hazardous. After waiting out the smoke, and after a lot of analysis and consideration we went ahead and produced our entire 2020 vintage with fantastic results. Our 2020 Pinot noirs are deep, intense and unique wines that we are loving getting to know.

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