2019 Barrel Select Pinot Noir

As a vintage ages in french oak, each barrel develops uniquely and imparts its own qualities on the maturing wine. That’s why our founder, David Teppola, developed our barrel-select process many years ago, a method we follow to this day. When it came time to bottle this 2019 Pinot Noir, our winemaker evaluated each barrel, and then blended only the best in a way that highlights the finest qualities of the vintage. Our 2019 barrel select strikes the perfect balance between savory earth notes and ripe delicious fruit.

Vintage Information:

After a great start to the spring and summer, September of 2019 caught everyone off-guard and will long be remembered as an arduous and tense end to the growing season. Storm after storm rolled into the valley with barely days in between for the fruit to recover let alone continue ripening. At a time Susan thought we may have to throw the vintage as opposed to harvesting under ripe fruit. Finally after many storms we received a bout of warm, dry weather and were able to coax the grapes to ripeness. The resulting vintage is delicate and austere. A vintage reminiscent of the early vintages of Willamette Valley Pinot noir. Full of promise for bottle age, this is a vintage that should be allowed time to develop fully.

Serving Recommendations:

Serve this wine from cellar temperature to slightly cooler than room temperature. Enjoy this bottle now through 2030.

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