2018 ‘Menefee’ Reserve Pinot Noir

This unique vineyard features the highly coveted Jory soil, due to its westerly coordinates within our home AVA, which creates a unique juxtaposition with our estate vineyard. The 2018 vintage produced powerful, rich wines, and this Reserve Pinot Noir is a great example, opening with aromas of raisin and baked currant. Fruit forward, notes of bright red pie cherry and tart cranberry welcome you, while notes of cinnamon, spice, and a slight iron driven quality (characteristic of its Jory soil) help this wine finish smoothly. An appealing, medium bodied mouth feel helps to ensure a poignant finish. This unique, Oregon Pinot Noir, bold with dark fruit, is smooth and flavorful enough to enjoy a glass on its own, but bold enough to stand up to pasta dishes and roasted pork loin.

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    Menefee Vineyard
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