Wine Club Policies & FAQ

Important Member Details:

Our membership commitment is one year from the time that you join, equivalent to four automated club releases. Your membership will continue automatically from release to release unless we are notified otherwise. Our releases are billed on the first Friday of every release month (February, May, September & November.)  Requests for holds or cancellations must be received by the 25th of the month prior to billing. Please see our Events Calendar for lists of important dates and events. Call our tasting room (ph: 503-852-7050) with any assistance you need regarding your membership.

For out of state wine club members:

If you are not regularly home during business hours, we strongly encourage you to ship your wines to your work or a business address, as an adult signature is required no matter where you ship your wine. If an adult is not at available to sign at the time of delivery, they will not leave it at your door. If after the the 3rd delivery attempt your package was unable to be delivered it will automatically be returned to us.  In the event this happens please notify us so we can go over the options for re-shipping your package.  While your package is en route, UPS & FedEx customer service can help you hold or reroute your package to another address or may automatically reroute it to the nearest regional distribution facility.

You can always choose to have your packages regularly shipped to your nearest UPS store location or FedEx Onsite location, where it will be signed for and held for you until you are able to pick it up at your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions:


When will I be billed for my wine club allotment?

A: You will see charges for your wine club allotcation process on the first Friday of every release month, February, May, September and November.

How can I update my information on file (Credit Card/ Shipping Address/ Billing Address?)

A: You can update your billing and shipping addresses and credit card information by visiting the Sign In page on our website. Login using the email address associated with your membership. If you have not logged in before, visit our Forgot Password link to have your password reset via email. Please contact our tasting room (ph: 503-852-7050) with any questions about updating your information!

How much will my membership cost?

A: Our membership itself has no fee. We only charge you for the quarterly bottles of wine in each release less your discount of course! Each allocation of wine will be slightly different depending on which bottles are chosen for the release, but they range from $120-$155 for Friends (3 bottles) and $215-$295 for Family (6 bottles.)

When can I pick up my wine?

A: You can pick-up your club wines any time after billing has occurred. We are open 7 days a week from 11am-5pm. Just find a time that works for you and come relax and enjoy some wine tasting at the vineyard! We host several Family-level VIP tastings, food & wine pairing dinners and other fun club events each year. Be sure to check our Events Calendar to take advantage of the fun, club exclusive events!

I’m not able it to the winery to pick  up my wine for a few months, will you store it for me?

A: We store wine club allotments for a maximum of 9 months for our club members. In the event you are unable to pick up your wine within this time-frame, please call us to make special arrangements or to have your wine shipped.

Can I send someone to pick up my wines?

A: We can release wines to your friends or family as long as requests to release your wines come from the primary member via email the email address we have  on file. The person picking up the wines will need to provide a valid ID that matches the name in your request. Your designated person will be required to sign for your club wines and as soon as those wines are released to that person, Laurel Ridge no longer bears responsibility for the wines.

Can I select my wines?

A: Our wine club allocations are specially chosen by our winemaker each release with selections that are delicious and ready to be enjoyed!

I prefer white wine, can I get all whites in my wine club?

A: At this time we do not offer an all whites wine club allocation. Our seasonal releases always feature 1 white wine, 1 bold red wine and 1 Pinot Noir for Friends, double each for Family. If you prefer to drink whites most of the time we encourage you to use your Friends or Family discount on extra bottles of your favorite white wines to enjoy!

We also encourage our white wine lovers or those with very specific wine preferences to check out our Fan Club! This club functions like a wine savings account that you can spend on any wines whenever you want while still getting a limited selection of club perks including 10% off.

Can I substitute my wines?

A: Due to our small production levels, in most circumstances we are not able to substitute wines within a wine allocation. Many of our bottlings are so small they are made just for you! Occasionally you may receive a wine that you’re not completely in love with and that’s okay. These bottles make fantastic gifts and wines to take or serve at dinner parties. In our experience there is always an excuse to share wine and plenty of people who will enjoy it, we promise!

Will I get my member discount online?

A: Yes! Our website will automatically recognize you as a member and allow you to purchase members exclusive bottles and receive your member discount. You will need to use the primary email address associated with your membership to login. If you have never logged in before visit our Forgot Password link to have your password reset in our system.

Can I gift my wine club allotment to someone else and have it shipped?

A: Absolutely! We will be happy to send your wines to anyone you’d like as long as they are 21 years of age or older. We can ship to most states and will be happy to go over details with you. Call our tasting room (ph: 503-852-7050) any time to make arrangements!

Can I add additional people to my membership?

A: We allow only one primary wine club member on each wine club account.

Can my friends and family receive my membership benefits and complimentary tastings in the tasting room?

A: The primary member needs to be present at the tasting room in order for membership benefits to be redeemed.

My circumstances have changed, can I cancel my membership?

A: As long as the minimum member commitment has been met (1 year OR 4 wine releases), we are happy to cancel your membership. Please keep in mind that our cancellation deadline is the 25th of the month prior to billing with billing months being February, May, September and November. If in the event you notify us past the cancellation deadline or after an allotment has been billed, we will cancel your membership going forward into the next allotment. Please note, all requests to alter your wine club membership must be received via email.

I have not met the minimum member commitment of one year, but I would still like to cancel my membership.

A: If the minimum member commitment of one year has not been met we can assist you with cancelling your membership however we have an early cancellation fee of $75 that we will automatically process along with the early termination.

My circumstances have changed, but I don’t want to cancel my membership. Can I put my membership on pause?

A: As long as the minimum member commitment has been met (1 year OR 4 wine releases), we are happy to place a temporary hold on your membership for up to two wine releases. During this time your membership will not be automatically billed. Automatic billing will resume on the first Friday of the release month following the last held release, unless we are notified otherwise. Please keep in mind that onsite tasting room benefits do not apply while your membership is inactive and resume once your membership is in active status. You will not be eligible to hold your membership again until after 1 year of continuous, active membership. Please note, all requests to alter your wine club membership must be received via email.