Fans Club

Announcing our new non-traditional membership: the Laurel Ridge Fans Club!

Do you want to be a member of a winery without the commitment of taking wine club allocations? Our Fan Club is perfect for someone who loves to visit the vineyard regularly and has specific wine preferences and feels boxed in by the traditional wine club structure. With our Fans membership you are able to 100% customize your wine experience. Billed monthly, your funds are deposited into your wine club account for you to use here on tastings, bottles or anything you would like and it comes with a ton of great benefits!

As a Fan Club Member you receive:

  • 10% off all wine and merchandise purchases
  • Ability to picnic at the vineyard
  • 50% off of up to two standard wine tastings per visit OR
  • 50% off of up to two glass pours per visit (*in lieu of complimentary tastings and a one per person basis)
  • Special pricing on event days, elevated tastings and tours
  • Access to our wine library
  • Access to small lot production wines crafted and bottled exclusively for our club members

Member Commitment:

Upon signing up, $20 on the first of each month will de deposited into your winery savings account for you to use on your next visit! Our member commitment is one year from the date you joined and the membership renews every year unless we are notified otherwise.