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This is a Pinot Noir that will thrill lovers of both Pinot Noir, as well as fans of big reds. Velvety enough to drink on its own, the Kelley Family would also be delicious with a peppered or barbecued meat dish, a tomato driven stew our pasta. If you’re in more of a snacking mood, try pairing this Pinot Noir with a gouda, rich cheddar or hard sheep’s milk cheese - and don’t forget the cured meats.


2015 Kelley Family Reserve Pinot Noir

Our Reserve Pinot Noirs are always single vineyard bottlings, intended to showcase an extraordinary vineyard in an excellent year. Our winemaker evaluates every barrel, selecting only the highest quality barrels for our Reserves. We find these bottles are equally as exciting to open when they are young as when they are well-aged bottles.


A showcase wine about to go into our Library, the ‘Kelley Family’ Reserve is a Pinot Noir to be savored. Brimming with juicy red cherry, raspberry and strawberry, this medium bodied Pinot noir is a sultry and smooth wine. Grown in Jory soil in the Dundee Hills AVA, it is sublimely grounded, with an iron driven finish that anchors the delicious and fruity beginning. As it ages, it continues to bloom and tell a different story every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a Pinot Noir that carries an air of mystique: captivating, silky, surprisingly complex, it is spellbinding as it blooms in your mouth. 

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    Kelley Family Vineyard
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