A black and white photograph of Susan, the owner of Laurel Ridge, sitting with her dog Beatrice

Susan Teppola


Susan founded Laurel Ridge in 1986 with her husband David Teppola. Working as an attorney in Portland, Susan met David in 1980 and was immediately captivated by his life as a maverick vineyard developer and wine investor. Her first years on the farm included many rides on the tractor, wreath making from grape vine cuttings and being the crew boss during the inaugural harvest of 1986 (while 9 months pregnant!)  It was only two years later that their youngest daughter Maija came along, turning Laurel Ridge into a true family operation. Susan and the girls made up the sales team in the early years of Laurel Ridge, with tastings across a picnic table on the vineyard. Susan took over the daily operations of Laurel Ridge after losing David in 2006 while continuing to maintain her career. Susan retired as an attorney in 2014 and you can usually find her in the Laurel Ridge tasting room with her sidekick, Beatrice, the winery pup.

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