Our 3 Favorite Wine Accessories…

It seems like there are a million wine gadgets…it can be a little overwhelming! Which ones actually matter when it comes to making your wine taste better?! Wine accessories should be all about practicality, ease, and helping the wine display it’s most optimum flavors and aromatics.

Our tasting room staff has voted, and  we’re going to share our ‘must have’ wine accessories  – the ones that won’t sit around collecting dust, will help your wines taste their best, and will

enhance your enjoyment of your favorite glass of wine!

Coravin Pivot

It’s hard to play favorites, but if there’s one wine accessory that’s been a total game changer for us, it’s the Coravin Pivot. Are you ever looking to enjoy just a glass of wine – but not the whole bottle? This unique wine preservation system allows you to enjoy a bottle of wine for up to 4 weeks after you open it. That way, you can enjoy your favorite wines – on your schedule. 

Each Pivot Plus Kit comes with one Coravin Pivot, 2 long lasting capsules of argon, and 2 Coravin wine stoppers. Simply uncork your bottle and insert one of Coravin’s proprietary wine stoppers. Then, insert the Pivot’s wine tube until you hear a “click” – and you’re ready to pour! When you press the button on your Coravin unit to pour the wine, your wine will automatically be gassed with argon. Once you’ve finished pouring, pull the Coravin out and simply replace the stopper’s cap. That’s it!

Don’t ever hesitate again to open the bottle of wine that you really want, just because you can’t commit to the whole bottle. The Coravin Pivot is the perfect device to let you keep enjoying your wine for weeks to come.

Vinaer Wine Aerator 

We all know wines taste best after they’ve been opened and given time to decant, but sometimes, you just need to crack open a bottle! Enter the Vinaer Wine Aerator’s. They’re already staple in our tasting room thanks to their ease and how many bottles we go through weekly…but they’ve become one of our favorite accessories to use at home, as well. Despite their small size, they boast over 7 functions and are sleek, easy to clean, and easy to pack on your favorite picnic or weekend getaway. 

Each decantiere significantly improves the flavor of your wine by instantly aerating and filtering it of any cork residue or sediment. It’s easy to use – simply uncork your wine, and pop the decantiere on top (and, it makes pouring easier, too!). If you want your wine to last a bit, simply leave the Vinaer Wine Aerator on top – it will ensure the wine into the next day!. The Vinaer is one of the easiest ways to make sure your glass of wine is tasting its best, at all times.

Laurel Ridge Wine Key

Two people laughing and enjoying a bottle of laurel ridge wine on the patio in the afternoon sun.

Finally – but certainly not least – is our very own Laurel Ridge Wine Key. It’s a classic, but hard to beat way to improve your wine drinking experience. Nothing is worse than struggling to get the foil off a nice bottle of wine…or even breaking a cork!

Our key functions as an all in one tool – it includes a long, sharp corkscrew, an attached foil cutter that slides out for easy foil cutting, and the floating axis allows you to easily lever against the cork to open your wine. Plus, it does have a bottle opener…not that we would ever advocate drinking anything but wine! They’re smooth and sleek, so you can have one for your kitchen drawer, one for your car, and even one for your purse! 

All of these favorite accessories can be found in our retail shop!  Whether you’re looking to step up your at home wine drinking for yourself, or for the perfect gift for a birthday or celebration, these wine accessories will be sure to delight. Cheers!