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A black and white photograph of Susan, the owner of Laurel Ridge, sitting with her dog Beatrice

Laurel Ridge Winery History: How Laurel Ridge Was Named

This post is the first in a new blog series called “Memories” where Susan will share the stories about the nascent years of growing grapes on our estate vineyard near Carlton and founding Laurel Ridge, our winery. For this first post, we asked her to tell us the story of how Laurel Ridge got its name. Continue reading

Strawberry salsa, including strawberries, red onion, yellow bell pepper, cilantro and jalapeño, finely diced and mixed together in a dish with whole strawberries next to it on a cutting board

S is for…Seasonal, Strawberries, Salsa and Syrah

Memorial Day Weekend means one of my favorite things has arrived – strawberry season! One of my other hobbies (aside from wine tasting!) is berry picking! Here in Oregon, we are so lucky to have so many beautiful U-Pick farms right in the Willamette Valley – there are so many options! Most of the U-Pick Strawberries here will be a fraction of what you’d pay in store, and infinitely more tasty, as you’ve gotten to pick them at the peak ripeness! Every year, the first week of June finds me with a sunburn and an abundance of strawberries. So, you’d better believe that I’ve become a master at finding the best ways to use leftover berries in unique ways! Continue reading

What to Wear Wine Tasting in Oregon

Hello Friends!  This post is brought to you by Maija and Kira, two girls born and raised in Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country. In fact, we were both raised in Carlton, on the vineyard where the Laurel Ridge winery and tasting room are today. Fun fact!

We often hear that wine tasting can be intimidating for newcomers and we totally get it! Wine has so many rules! We are going to break down our recommendations, but before we help you dress for your wine tasting adventure, let’s get on the same page when talking about Oregon weather. Continue reading