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Truffle popcorn ingredients

Truffle Popcorn & Wine

Featured wine: Laurel Ridge 2016 David’s Tableau Vivant 

Bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Laurel Ridge David's Tableau Vivant wine

Do you need an awesome snack that pairs with at home hangouts, pet photo sessions and binge watching reality TV documentaries? This quarantine during COVID-19, has inspired us to add homemade popcorn to our repertoire and lucky for you, we have taste tested and can assure you, it is Laurel Ridge wine approved!  This truffle pop is delicious, easy, wine friendly and I can almost guarantee, your grocery store won’t run out of popcorn kernels during a hoarding crisis. Continue reading

A bottle of Laurel Ridge Chardonnay

Susan’s Browned Butter Salmon Poached in Laurel Ridge Chardonnay

Suggested Wine Pairing: 2018 Estate Chardonnay, Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Willamette Valley

Salmon and I have always had an interesting relationship. Delicious? Absolutely. Time consuming and tedious to prepare? …sometimes. Fish can be so intimidating. Between recipes that call for extensive deboning, to recipes that call for some pretty extensive knife skills to remove the skin, salmon had just never felt accessible to me. What if I ruined a beautiful piece of fish?

Continue reading